Dr. Fritz Hershey

World-Renowned Clinical Psychologist On A Quest To Defeat Anxiety

Creator of The Anxiety Answer™

“After struggling with anxiety and spending years trying therapy only to fail again & again, I began a quest to find a science-backed solution for controlling anxiety long term…”

Dr. Fritz’s Story

Many years ago, I struggled with crippling anxiety. At that time just trying to spend time with friends and family left me feeling uncomfortable, physically tense, and afraid.

I was stuck on the sidelines of my own life – watching everyone else laugh, have fun, and feel happy.

I knew I had to make a change so I did what everyone told me to do – I found a therapist.

I started seeing a therapist and did everything they told me to do.  But after years of therapy, I felt more defeated than ever…

So I tried another therapist and another and another but none of it worked.  Even worse, much of what they recommended actually made my anxiety WORSE.

By the time I was ready to give up, I was a prisoner in my own home.  My anxiety was so bad that on most days, I couldn’t even go outside.  I was desperate.

Instead of giving up or giving in, I set out to find a science-backed solution for anxiety. At that point, everything changed!

I finally uncovered why most therapy FAILS to actually help anxiety sufferers.

It simply doesn’t work because it’s not in alignment with what we know now to be true about the brain. 

With this new knowledge, I finally uncovered how to:

     – Adjust my daily habits to stop anxiety in its tracks and prevent it from returning

     – Overcome fear, doubt, and hesitation right when they start no matter what’s going on around me

     – Prevent the physical symptoms (headaches, stomach cramps, muscle tension) of anxiety from disrupting my life

Because I was introduced to the science-backed, fail-proof, solution for anxiety, I was able to:

     – Enjoy parties with friends

     – Spend worry-free time with family

     – Finally feel free, relaxed, and happy

     – Perform better at work

     – Make new friends

Now, I’m able to enjoy doing the things that I love like playing with my cats, going to the beach with my wife, and spending quality time with all of our friends without feeling panic, fear, or worry.

The results I had were so profound I knew that I had to share this information with the world so that other people didn’t have to struggle the way that I did.

That’s why I’m so passionate about what I call “The Anxiety Answer.”

Over the last decade, I’ve used this exact same method to help countless individuals kick anxiety to the curb for good.

If you’re ready to live a life free from anxiety – you’re in the right place!


Dr. Fritz

Dr. Fritz’s Beliefs

I believe many therapists are well intentioned even though they're completely wrong.

We’ve come along way with what we know to be true about how the brain works.  Unfortunately, not everyone has caught up with the current research.  The reality is that the old strategies and tactics simply don’t work to decrease anxiety and for the most part, they actually make anxiety worse. 

I believe cats are the greatest pets on the planet.

If you’re a cat parent like Margo (my amazing wife) and I, you’re in good company.  Many of history’s most famous figures – including Florence Nightingale, Pope Paul II, Mark Twain, and the Bronte sisters – all owned and loved cats.

I believe therapy should be like talking to a friend not laying on a couch getting your head "shrunk."

When I was in therapy, I remember thinking that my therapists just wanted to hear themselves talk.  They filled our sessions with “psychobabble” which seemed more to be designed to impress me with their superior intelligence rather than to actually help me solve my problem. 

Instead of the psychobabble, I believe therapy should be helpful and applicable to life and daily struggles immediately.

My Approach

I've been where you are right now.

When your life is full of constant panic, anxiety, and worry - the last thing you want to hear is that by doing a little yoga and breathing that your crippling fears will go away.

That simply doesn't work.

My approach to therapy avoids "psychobabble" and focuses on how to apply the proven scientific techniques which will change the way your brain operates and thereby decrease your anxiety.

My goal is that by the end of our time together, you will have ended your never-ending nightmare so you can finally be free to live your life.

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