Anxiety is a lot like a toddler…

It never stops talking. It wakes you up at 3am.  And it tells you you’re wrong about everything.

So-called “experts” have been hiding a secret about anxiety for far too long.  Here’s what they don’t want you to know…

Therapy doesn’t work.


If you want to break free from anxiety – you are in the right place. 

There is only ONE science-backed proven formula that actually eliminates anxiety for good.   This one formula changes everything!

"I thought I'd have to spend the rest of my life struggling with constant fear, worry, and anxiety...watching life pass me by while everyone else went on without me. Now, I have a life I love, a wife I love, and am able to spend every day enjoying those gifts without fear or worry."


I’m Dr. Fritz.

Many years ago, I struggled with crippling anxiety.  Trying to spend time with friends and family left me feeling uncomfortable, physically tense, and afraid.

Stuck on the sidelines of my own life, I watched everyone else laugh and have fun while I struggled just to leave my house.

I knew I had to make a change so I did what everyone told me to do – I found a therapist.

After years of therapy, I felt more defeated than ever…

Not only did therapy not work, much of what they recommended actually made my anxiety WORSE.

My anxiety was so bad that on most days, I couldn’t even go outside.  I was desperate.

I knew there had to be a better way.

After years of searching, I finally uncovered why most therapy FAILS.

It fails because it’s not in alignment with what we know now to be true about the brain.

If you apply brain science with action – you will quickly and permanently have your anxiety under control and… You can do it without psychobabble, without breathing into a bag, and without spending years on some therapists couch.

Over the last decade, I’ve used this exact same method to cure my own anxiety and to help countless individuals kick anxiety to the curb for good.

If you’re ready to live a life free from anxiety – your next step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with my team now.


“I would recommend Dr. Fritz Hershey to anyone who may be seeking counseling or support in any way shape or form.  He is down to earth and very easy for patients of any age to talk to.”

– E. Anastasia

Dr. Hershey is fast and friendly. He helped me right away and got me feeling better fast. Over time my husband and I have brought everyone in the family in, and he’s helped each of us right away…quick and easy.

– B. Donaldson

Five stars for Dr. Fritz Hershey.

– Erin A.

Dr. Fritz is awesome beyond awesome.  Simple remarkable.  If you can book with him, you’re golden.

– Justice H.

The Only Way To Fix Anxiety For Once & For All Is To Implement The Anxiety Answer™ Formula.

The Anxiety Answer™ is a formula that combines the proven science of defeating anxiety with tried and tested real-world tactics.  If you want to move beyond the recommendations of yoga, a simple meditation or breathing into a bag…The Anxiety Answer™ is the right next step in your journey.

The Anxiety Answer™ moves through a proven 4 Phase process.  Each phase builds upon the other.  While you’ll experience immediate results and be well equipped with the tools to stop anxiety immediately, the long-lasting relief comes only from implementing all 4 phases.

How Is The Anxiety Answer™ Formula Different?

Simply Put, The Anxiety Answer™ Formula Cuts Through The BS That Doesn’t Work To Give You Actionable Steps That Produce Massive Results Quickly.

Many years ago, scientists learned that the “traditional” therapy options were not working.  In fact, they would actually make anxiety and depression worse.

Treatment is often slow to catch up with current science so many therapists are still practicing the old ineffective methods which force their clients to struggle unnecessarily.

The Anxiety Answer™ is the four-phase process which turns what we now know to be true about the brain into actionable steps that eliminate anxiety.

Instead of being created by people in white coats who have never struggled a day in their lives with anxiety and therefore have absolutely no clue what’s it’s like…  The Anxiety Answer™ was created by someone who knows the crippling effects that anxiety can have on a person.

Anxiety isn’t weakness.  Living with anxiety, turning up and doing things with anxiety, takes a strength that most will never know.

However, with the advancements made in brain science, we now know how to alter the chemical composition of our brains – releasing the happy chemicals – so that we can all live happy, anxiety-free lives.

The Anxiety Answer™ is about taking your hand and walking through each and every step of a formula that works with you so you don’t waste time on treatments that don’t work.

What The Anxiety Answer™ Is Not…

The Anxiety Answer™ Is NOT Laying On A Couch Talking About Your Problems & Your Past For Years Hoping That One Day You’ll See Results.


It's Not Laying On A Couch Getting Your Head Shrunk

Dr. Fritz doesn’t use the dreaded “psychobabble.”  He’s not out to impress you with his superior intelligence, nor is he talking just to hear himself talk.  His insight and step by step method to overcoming anxiety come from his genuine desire to help rid the world of anxiety.


It's Not A Temporary Band-Aid That Will Eventually Slip Off And Leave You Back Where You Started

Unlike most therapy options, The Anxiety Answer™ formula is designed to eliminate anxiety for the LONG TERM.  While the effects of the formula will be felt quickly, defeating your anxiety for the long term will require you to live this formula each and every day.

The Anxiety Answer™ Formula In Action…

(Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.)

"I wish I had done this years ago..."

After struggling with anxiety and worry for years, John decided he’d had enough.

He’d spent most of his life worried over issues with his marriage, work, and his family.

During his first session with Dr. Fritz, he was introduced to the Anxiety Answer™ formula.

By his second session, he saw a rapid difference in how he felt and how he reacted to issues in his life. 

By the time he’d implemented all four phases of the Anxiety Answer™ formula into his daily routine, John was a completely different man.

He was back to doing what he loved –  enjoying time with his wife and family.  Problems at work didn’t phase him at all.

Years later, John is still happy and relaxed – enjoying the life he fought so hard to win back.

"I'm back to who I used to be..."

PTSD presents differently for different people.

For Ashley, PTSD and anxiety nearly cost her everything.

A once outgoing and happy go lucky woman, she became someone she didn’t recognize at all.

Unable to deal with changing situations at work, much even think about having a personal life, she quickly fell back into the habits that had nearly stolen her identity forever.

That’s when she met Dr. Fritz.  Dr. Fritz helped her to implement the Anxiety Answer™ formula into her life.

Now, that formula is what Ashley says saved her life and her job. 

Back to her strong and resilient self, she enjoys her job again and lives her life without fear or worry.

"I finally have my joy back..."

The demands today are more than ever before.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

That was the case for Mary.  

Mary spent so much of her time putting out fires and running from place to place that she was hanging by a thread.  She knew something has to change but she didn’t know what or how.

While she’d always been skeptical about therapy, when Mary met Dr. Fritz, she knew that he was different.

As he helped her implement the Anxiety Answer™ formula into her life, she saw a radical transformation.

Within a few visits, she was back to being the person she wanted to be and now uses the formula every day to keep her anxiety from returning. 

From Panic Attacks To Controlled Confidence

Are you just waiting for your next panic attack to hit? 

Are your days spent on edge waiting for the crippling chest pain, stomach issues, and headaches to start?  

It’s time to win your life back now.


From Paralyzing Fear To Boldly Living Life

Whether it’s driving in a car, going to school, or simply getting a haircut – anxiety can make the most simple of tasks a total nightmare. 

Yet, they don’t have to be.  With the Anxiety Answer™ formula, you’ll get back to living your life.

From Trapped Inside To Fearless Fun With Friends

One of the greatest costs of anxiety is how it steals away friendships and relationships with family. 

If you’re ready to get back to your friends, family and fun, speak with the team today about how you can implement the Anxiety Answer™


From Failed Therapy & Gimmicks To Real Results

Uncover the only science-backed formula to eliminate anxiety.

If you’re done reminiscing about your past and having your head “shrunk” by people who couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to live with anxiety, you need to speak with the team today.

Is The Anxiety Answer™ Right For You?

There’s only one way to know for sure.

If you really want to get rid of anxiety for once and for all so you can get back to living your life, you have to learn how to control your brain chemistry so that anxiety isn’t triggered in your daily life.

The only way to do that is through implementing the Anxiety Answer™ formula into your life every single day.

If you don’t learn how to use these practical steps to eliminate anxiety, you’ll spend the rest of your life watching other people do the things you want to do and live the life you want to have instead of being able to do what you want.  You’ll sacrifice your family, your health, and the things that you want – bound up by this invisible attacker who is determined to steal your life.

When you do implement the formula into your life, you’ll finally be able to get back to doing the things you love and being the person you used to be.  Maybe that means going to parties with friends.  Maybe that means playing with your kids.  Maybe that means getting back to the work that you love. 

Whatever that means for you, the Anxiety Answer™ formula is the only way to win your life back for once and for all. 

If you want to win your life back, schedule your time to speak with the team today.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PS – It may be hard to believe right now, but not only is a life free from anxiety within your reach – you deserve to live that life.