Congratulations.  Your Spot Is Saved!

Your Consultation Has Been Scheduled And Our Team Is Looking Forward To Speaking With You Soon.

Here’s What To Do Next:

First: Block The Time On Your Calendar.


Make sure the time you have chosen is one where you can be focused and uninterrupted. 

At the time you’ve scheduled, you’ll receive a call.  Because we respect your time and our team’s time, if you’re unable to focus on the discussion at hand, the team will end your call.  


Second:  Think About What You Want To Achieve.

Make some notes, write down any questions you want to discuss.

Take some time before your call to think about what you want to achieve.  Be honest with yourself about where you’re struggling and where you are doing well. 

The more clear you are on what you want your life and relationships, and even your livelihood, to look like – the more we’ll be able to help you.


Third:  Be prepared to focus when we call.

On the day of your call, make sure you’re in a quiet room with a pen and paper so that you can focus on your conclusions during our time together. 

We’ve consistently found that the people who get the best results are the ones who use their time to focus on getting the questions answered that they want to get answered.  

*Due to high demand and processing time, Dr. Fritz Hershey does not accept private insurance of any kind.*

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