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For Over 20 Years, I’ve Helped People Master The Formula To Crush Anxiety.

For Individuals

Are you ready to finally find the secret to overcoming anxiety for once and for all? 

Discover how you can work 1 on 1 with Dr. Fritz to finally get your life back. 

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What Is The Anxiety Answer™?

For over twenty years, Dr. Fritz has worked 1 on 1 with patients who deal with anxiety and depression.  Throughout that time, he’s treated thousands of cases ranging from severe, debilitating anxiety to mild anxiety in high performers.  This depth of knowledge has allowed him to uncover what truly works and what doesn’t. 

Dr. Fritz has bundled the anxiety-busting tactics into a foolproof formula that will work for even the worst anxiety.  This proprietary four phase formula is called The Anxiety Answer™

Who Is The Anxiety Answer™ For?

If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety – The Anxiety Answer™ is for you.

Whether you’re a high performing executive, an empty nester, or somewhere in between – if you struggle with anxiety, The Anxiety Answer™ will help you get your life back.

From mild anxiety to chest crushing panic attacks, this is the one formula that actually solves the problem.

From Panic Attacks To Controlled Confidence

Are you just waiting for your next panic attack to hit? 

Are your days spent on edge waiting for the crippling chest pain, stomach issues, and headaches to start?  


From Paralyzing Fear To Boldly Living Life

Whether it’s driving in a car, going to school, or simply getting a haircut – anxiety can make the most simple of tasks a total nightmare. 

From Trapped Inside To Fearless Fun With Friends

One of the greatest costs of anxiety is how it steals away friendships and relationships with family. 


From Failed Therapy & Gimmicks To Real Results

Uncover the only science-backed formula to eliminate anxiety.

How Does The Anxiety Answer™ Work?

The Anxiety Answer™ is a formula that combines the proven science of defeating anxiety with tried and tested real-world tactics.  If you’re ready to move beyond laying on a couch getting in touch with your feelings…

The Anxiety Answer™ is your next step.

The Anxiety Answer™ moves through a proven 4 Phase process.  Each phase builds upon the other.  While you’ll experience immediate results and be well equipped with the tools to stop anxiety immediately, the long-lasting relief comes only from implementing all 4 phases.

About Dr. Fritz

Described as “down to Earth” and “easy to talk to” by his patients, Dr. Fritz knows first hand just how much anxiety can cripple even the strongest person.

With over twenty years of experience as a therapist, he has many tools in his toolbelt to battle anxiety and anxiety related depression.  But…it wasn’t always that way.

Dr. Fritz battled through his own personal journey of anxiety.  It was this journey and the incredible life-altering impact it had that inspired him to pursue a career fighting the one thing that almost cost him his life.

His successful formula has attracted a lot of national attention to him.  He currently receives referrals from many local therapists and clinics, including the Dr. Phil television show and has appeared on many television and radio shows to demonstrate his techniques. 

What Clients Say…

“I would recommend Dr. Fritz Hershey to anyone who may be seeking counseling or support in any way shape or form.  He is down to earth and very easy for patients of any age to talk to.”

– E. Anastasia

Dr. Hershey is fast and friendly. He helped me right away and got me feeling better fast. Over time my husband and I have brought everyone in the family in, and he’s helped each of us right away…quick and easy.

– B. Donaldson

Five stars for Dr. Fritz Hershey.

– Erin A.

Dr. Fritz is awesome beyond awesome.  Simple remarkable.  If you can book with him, you’re golden.

– Justice H.

Want To Learn A Secret Trick To Fool Your Brain Into Eliminating Anxiety In Less Than 5 Minutes?

In this free video training, Dr. Fritz shows how to alter your brain and body chemistry to relieve anxiety in less than 5 minutes no matter what is going on around you! 

*Due to high demand and processing time, Dr. Fritz Hershey does not accept private insurance of any kind.*

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